Just like some of you, this little company is a family business. When you decide to partner up with us, you're partnering up with me. No reps or robots. (I can do the robot moves, but not that well.) We're going to be a team from here on out!

 Our family business starts out with the neatest story. Mint's parent company, Flying Circle, was started on the family ranch over 20 years ago by my in-laws, Joy & Jim Chittim. Joy's entrepreneurial spirit couldn't be tamed on the ranch, coming down from the big city of Dallas in the early 1970s. She had moved far away from her family and the big city and onto a ranch in the middle of the Hill Country. She and Jim were (and are) so creative and an excellent team--they've had lots of entrepreneurial adventures together and have designed several innovative products along the way. Eventually, Flying Circle came to be. What started out in a few modest barns with concrete floors has grown into something that's quite an operation today!